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About Me!

Welcome to my business gorgeous!


I'm Coley Ortega, I became a hair stylist to uplift other women and help them see their true potential. When get my hair done I always feel like I can take on the world and I wanted to create that exact same feeling for others!


I have recently moved to a salon suite at Indie Salon Lone Tree, I have created a private guest experience filled with relaxation! All colors receive a steaming hot towel with their toner or conditioner to treat your hair. As a busy mom of two boys and two pits, I understand how our needs can be put on the back burner. This new suite is here to pamper and take care of YOU!

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Coley Ortega 

Time To Take Care Of You.


I have been a stylist for over 7 years and have never been more in love with my clients or my craft. I specialize in healthy blondes and extensions, I have great pride in going to coloring or extension classes 3-5 times a year to keep up with ever changing trends! I can appreciate when a client sits down and wants to explain their new look, I often ask questions to make sure we are getting the exact look they are dreaming of! 

I have been indulging in the art of cooking in my free time. I have family and friends with special dietary needs which lead me to making new meals that are dairy and gluten free. It is a fun new challenge and I LOVE talking recipes! 


 One of my favorite times of year is Halloween! You can go past my house and see all the décor and you better bet we have matching family costumes. (except my 10 y/o who is too cool) I of course pass out handfuls of candy or full size candy bars.


One of my favorite things when you walk into my suite is not only relaxing, but having fun. I recently was told "My hair is amazing but my side hurts from laughing so much!" I want my environment to be care free where you can let your worries go when you walk into the door.