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Welcome Beautys!

Welcome, I cant wait to meet you!

A click to this page means its time for us to focus on you!

Your experience starts with clicking the Book Now Button.


When you book your appointment you will need to book a finishing service which includes a Blowout or a Cut. 

When booking your first appointment you would choose a consultation, color service, and finishing service, This gives us the maximum time together to discuss your hair goals! 

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Preparing For Your Appointment

 I am Located within Indie Salon. We are in the lower parking lot of Target in Lone Tree. Before you go up the ramp to the Target you will take a left to the underground parking garage. There is plenty of easy upfront covered parking!

When you arrive you will park and receive a automated message to check in remain in your car. After I receive your message I will send one back that says I'm ready for you to come in.  


Once we make our way into my beautiful salon suite I have hand sanitizer and a clean area to put your things.

Hair Color Palette

Day Of Appointment

Once we make our way inside we will have a in depth consultation not only about your goals for today, but your long term goals! This is a great time for us to discuss how you are feeling about your at home hair care. 

I have WI-Fi, delicious seasonal beverages, snacks for a long extensions or color services and great music to start your appointment.

Every Color appointment includes a warm towel with an essential oil.


I am here to create the perfect look and a place where you can relax and take a break from the demanding outside world. 

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Blond Wavy Hair

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Time To Take Care Of You.