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Salon Policies

I'm so beyond excited to welcome you to Bliss Salon soon! In the meantime, here's a few reminders to ensure you have the smoothest salon experience possible!

Rescheduling For New Clients

New guests will be able to reschedule their first visit two times after the initial booking. Once this limit has been surpassed, pre-booking will be declined and appointments for the same-week only will be accepted (if current availability allows).

If You Need To Cancel

Things happen and sometimes you may need to cancel! Please make sure all appointments are cancelled with 48 hours or more of notice. If cancelled with less than 48 hours of notice, a 50% rebooking fee will apply. This fee will be sent in an invoice via email or text message and new appointment requests will be declined until the invoice is paid in full.

Late Arrival

Your time is important to me! To ensure I'm running on time for all guests, I'm unable to complete appointments that begin 15 minutes or more late. Late arrival will result in either services being removed from the appointment with no price adjustment for multi-service time slots, or a 50% rebooking fee will apply for single-service time slots.

Refund Policy

All services are non-refundable. If you are experiencing challenges with your cut or color, I will be happy to adjust it for you at no cost within 7 days of your original appointment. For color, please make sure you are following all at-home care recommendations to qualify for complimentary adjustments. 

Guests, Visitors, And Children

I absolutely love meeting your friends and kids, but because of the size of my studio I ask that you please not bring any additional guests with you. Hot tools, shears, and chemicals are a safety issue for children, so I ask that they please not accompany you for your appointment. Plus, this is your relaxing time to pamper yourself!

If You're Feeling Under The Weather

I take the health of all my guests very seriously! Because of this I am unable to service guests who arrive sick. This ensures that everyone stays healthy, and that the salon stays clean and germ-free for all! Please contact me if you are feeling sick and need to reschedule.


First time guests who no-show on their initial appointment will be unable to reschedule and any future online booking requests will be declined. There will be an invoice sent for 100% of your service in order to re-book. This ensures that my time is all accounted for, and so that people eager to come in are able to get a spot without any wasted time.

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